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Closure of The Lowick Village Website




My wife and I lived in Lowick Village for almost 33 years, but in October 2015, we decided to re-start our lives by moving to Hampshire, to be with our family and our new grandchildren.  I had intended to continue maintaining the site, using information provided by the Lowick Village Newsletter, and local residents, but this has not been forthcoming, and the only communication I have received, since moving away, was from Lowick Parish Council, in relation to to a complaint, which I have reproduced below.




18th November 2016 ~ Received from Lowick Parish Council



We understand that you have left the village, and note that the site was last updated in March. 


First we would like to thank you for an excellent and informative online publication which has served the village well for many years.


Should you feel that you wish to step down from the task of editing the site, the Parish Council would be happy to step in on your behalf . It is looking at the whole issue of maintaining information and services, and would happily look at a solution that involves merging its ideas with yours.


On a note relating to the site's present content, the Parish Council has received a complaint about the language used on the Lowicknet website - specifically the phrase "pathetic, retarded morons".


The complainant feels this endorses the formerly held views people had about people who suffer from mental disability.


Whilst understanding what you were trying to discourage, the Council accepts that this phrase is offensive, and asks you to remove it. 


There is in the minds of at least the complainant the idea that the Parish Council is responsible for the Lowicknet website, and we are hopeful you will find an alternative.


Thanks again.


John Huddart

Lowick Parish Council




29th November 2016 ~ My Reply


Dear Mr Huddart,
Thank you for your E-mail.  I'm sorry about the delay in replying.

Yours is the first communication I have received regarding the Lowick Village website, from anyone in Lowick, since we moved permanently to Hampshire over a year ago.  I had hoped to continue maintaining the site, by relying on the village newsletter, and information from local individuals, but neither has been forthcoming, which is why the site has been amended, but not updated.

I have therefore decided to remove all three of my Lowick Village related websites, of which "Border Consultation" and "LowickPhoto" have already been deleted.  The delay in removing them is due to the need to remove links to these sites from those other websites I continue to maintain.
I suspect the reason I have been contacted on this occasion, is entirely due to the pathetic complaint you've received, which tends to demonstrate the current trend whereby certain people go out of their way to find something by which to be offended.  For your information, the comment you refer to is part of a larger paragraph (View), which has been on the Home Page of the Lowick Village website for at least ten years.  During this time, thousands of visitors have viewed the site, without being offended, although some have commented that it was amusing.
Anyone, with reasonable intelligence and a basic understanding of the English language, must realise it is intended as a humorous comment, specifically directed at those individuals who spend their time browsing websites, for the sole purpose of posting offensive spam and unwanted advertising onto the guestbook pages. 
Your complainant has decided to relate my comment to those unfortunate enough to suffer from mental problems, and I'm extremely disappointed that Lowick Parish Council agree with such a small, narrow minded opinion.  However, I do not accept that there is anything on the Lowick Village website, which could be deemed obscene, offensive, or insulting to any normal person viewing it. 
As a matter of principle, I would normally ignore such a frivolous complaint, and leave the website as it is,  but as I am no longer able to ensure the accuracy of the content, I will be removing it in the near future, as planned. 
The Lowick Village website has been in existence for over 18 years, during which time, I paid all domain and hosting charges, and continue to do so.   I personally own the domain names, "lowicknet.co.uk" and "lowicknet.uk", and have no intention of relinquishing them, or allowing anyone else to use them.
Brian Carr.




Dear Visitor,

I'm very sorry, but I have no alternative but to remove The Lowick Village website,
as I am no longer able to ensure the accuracy of the content.

My thanks and appreciation to everyone who has visited the site, especially those who took the time to contact me.

Kindest Regards, Brian


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Please Note:  The invitation to 'sign' the Lowick Village Guestbook does not apply to those pathetic, retarded morons who regularly attempt to use it for their tiresome and often distasteful advertising.  I regularly clear out such rubbish to ensure that those sad, small minded and unfulfilled rejects of society are wasting their pointless and unproductive time.

Thankfully, I have a very patient and tolerant nature.